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12/31/22 Menerbes France

Greetings and Happy New Year from beautiful Menerbes, France.
Yes, we have moved about 100km to Menerbes from Uzes. Kate is in Madrid before flying home, so it’s back to Tour guide Cindy and I. Menerbes is a very small hilltop village in the Luberon region of France. This is the lavender area of France. No lavender now, it’s winter, and not many tourists either. This is the entrance of our new Airbnb. It’s freshly remodeled and very comfortable.
The view from our Airbnb, it’s quite beautiful.
Sunrise in the Luberon.
Menerbes is very small. It’s quite the tourist destination in the spring, summer and fall. Most of the village has been renovated, a few places are still in the original condition and waiting for you to sink a million into a renovation. 😜
Let’s walk around the hillside village. View from the hilltop.
The citadel and jail from the walled city
Village bell tower and the Hotel de Ville (city hall).
In front of the church, overlooking the valley
Beautiful streets, yes they drive cars through here.
Of course, we found the local Boulangerie.
Not as fantastic as my buddies in Uzes, but still a sold B.
The jail from the 1500’s. I wonder what the ACLU would say about that?😳
Top of the hill overlooking the village.
Driving to our Airbnb was quite fun.
Two weeks here, with lots of side trips. ✔️👍😜
View from our covered patio.

Au revoir and Bonne Annee! That’s goodbye and Happy New Year in French.👍


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