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3/7/23 Bologna Italy

Greetings from beautiful and mostly sunny Bologna, Italy. Tour guide Cindy has been nice to me, and gave me some time off as we explored the ancient and beautiful city of Bologna. Let’s take a tour of what we’ve seen over our nine days here in beautiful Bologna. The pictures we are seeing were takenContinue reading “3/7/23 Bologna Italy”

3/04/23 Ferrara and Parma Italy

Greetings from beautiful and sunny Bologna Italy! Yes, after our snow/ rain downpour Wednesday we have been enjoying sunny weather. Highs around 58 degrees, so very enjoyable. You didn’t think tour guide Cindy was going to let me sit on our lovely patio, enjoy some wine and read a book, did ya? First up, Ferrara.Continue reading “3/04/23 Ferrara and Parma Italy”

2/27/23 Bagnoregio and Cortona Italy

Greetings from beautiful, but cold and a little rainy Tuscany. After being very lucky for five months, winter, and rain caught up to us the last three days and it’s been raining on and off😳 After our trip to Naples, tour guide Cindy says, short driving trips to end our time in Tuscany. Ok, saysContinue reading “2/27/23 Bagnoregio and Cortona Italy”

2/19/23 The Villages of Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

Greetings from beautiful and cloudy Tuscany. You know Tour guide Cindy is on fire when I write two blog posts in a day. She’s on fire! Sometimes we forget that the Allies invaded Italy in WW11. San Quirico d’Orcia had substantial bombing damage in WW11. You know Tour guide Cindy loves her some Rick Steves.Continue reading “2/19/23 The Villages of Val d’Orcia, Tuscany”