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1/02/23 The Luberon region of France

Bonjour from the beautiful Luberon region in France. This picture is from the village of Menerbes, our current home.
Menerbes is a very photogenic village. With no tourists in the village, we just wander and take pic’s.

We rested up over the weekend and today, Monday, tour guide Cindy was ready for a quick tour around the Luberon area.

The Luberon is a very old region as far as development. It was the first Roman Province, which dates from around 300 BC.

Above is in Oppede, which had a fortress guarding the marble quarry in the area.

Monument to marble cutters in the area.
Gordes, unbelievably beautiful!
Another view of Gordes.
The castle of Gordes. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to see in some of these villages. They’re mainly high end hotels now.
Gordes from below.
The Luberon area loves to build with stone. Homes, castles and walls made from hand laid stones.
The scenery is very rocky and craggy. But, in places you start to see the beginnings of Tuscany.
Ok, quick drive to Roussillon, famous for the soil which is an ochre used in paints and dyes. That’s why their buildings are orange in color.
Ochre mines.
Unusual area, geographically wise.
Cute town, we were here in the spring of 2019. These villages get packed full of the tour bus crowds. Now, there empty.
Notice the color of everything, Ochre.
Panorama shot from the top
Note the home built into the stone.

Beautiful area and very, very quiet. Road trip tomorrow to Aix-en-Provence, and a visit to the wine Coop.✔️👍😜🍷

Au revoir!


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