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12/29/22 Barcelona Spain

Bonjour from beautiful and slightly chilly (58 degrees) Uzes, France.
Cindy and Kate wanted to take a short (4 1/2 hour) drive to Barcelona for a few days of adventure. I’ve been to Barcelona before and was a little overwhelmed by the crowds, so I stayed in Uzes and practiced my old French guy people watching 😜
Barcelona has really strict car emissions rules, as well as restrictions of non-Spanish licensed vehicles, so they parked the trusty Peugeot in a suburb of Barcelona and took the Metro into their hotel. They stayed in the heart of the city.
The star of the Barcelona landscape is La Sagrada Familia.
Started in the late 1800’s by the world famous Antoni Gaudi, the amazing cathedral has led a very busy past. Hopefully, the cathedral will be completed in the late 2030’s.
While not completed, the cathedral is quite staggeringly beautiful.
Believe me, at €26 ticket (which includes an audio tour), we more than helped.
Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s truly staggeringly beautiful.
Ok, walking tour time, first up the Spanish Arc d’Triomf.
Parc de la Ciutadella
One of the streets in the Gothic Quarter. Barcelona is the center of the Catalonia region of Spain. They would like to succeed from Spain.
Catedral de Barcelona
Walking tours need fuel, Spanish tapas and Sangrias for lunch.
Barcelona has several central markets. This one is Mercat Santa Caterina in the El Born District. Notice the spelling of the market, Mercat is Catalonian.
What’s a Spanish market without a packed Tapas bar or five or six?😜
Night views of La Sagrada Familia.

Ok, that’s enough for today. The ladies report 30,000 steps. Really sorry I missed that!😜

Up bright and early. You can’t be in Spain without Churros and hot chocolate sauce!
Ok, fueled up and ready to pound the payment! 👍
Casa Batilo, another structure designed by Antoni Gaudi.
Okay, time for another market. This one is Mercat de La Boqueria, just off the Las Rambla.
This is more of a prepared foods market. It’s very, very popular and very, very busy.
Like a sandwich roll up.
Look at the pride in his face.
Now that’s an egg display.
Beautiful city. This is Plaza Reial.
Statue of Christopher Columbus, not torn down 🤔
Placa de Espana
Barcelona is a beautiful city. Cindy says the crowds weren’t as bad this time of year. Barcelona is notorious for pickpockets. They weren’t hit, but did witness a purse snatcher chased down from a coffee shop.
30,000 steps two days in a row, sorry I missed that.

Cindy is back in Uzes, Kate has one more day in Barcelona then a train to Madrid for a couple days then home.

We’re headed to Menerbes, France tomorrow. A short, easy drive, only a couple of hours.

Au revoir from France. Teddy says “Happy New Year”!

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2 thoughts on “12/29/22 Barcelona Spain

  1. Great pictures as always and history
    Love ur comment on Christopher Columbus statue not being torn down!
    Probably not renaming their streets either!


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